Membership in ECRSA is free and open to all scholars working on fields related to eighteenth-century Russia.

To join the ECRSA, please contact the ECRSA webmaster & listserv moderator, Prof. Hilde Hoogenboom:

ECRSA Constitution

Article I: NAME. The name of the association shall be the Eighteenth-Century Russian Studies Association (Hereafter, ECRSA).

Article II: PURPOSE. ECRSA is a scholarly, non-profit organization dedicated to fostering closer worldwide communication among scholars in all fields interested in eighteenth-century Russia; and to promoting the dissemination of scholarly information on 18th-century Russian studies through the organization of meetings and conferences through the e-mail network of the ECRSA.

Article III: MEMBERS. Membership in the Association shall be open to all persons having substantial interest in any aspect of scholarship dealing with eighteenth-century Russia. Members who have paid the annual dues are regular members and are eligible to vote. All members are strongly encouraged to have access to electronic mail. Those scholars who do not will still be eligible to join, but will be unable to participate in the electronic conversations that are a central feature of the organization.
Par. I ANNUAL DUES. The annual membership dues shall be such sum as may be fixed by the Executive Council and approved by the membership.

Article IV: MEETINGS AND CONFERENCES. Time and place of the ECRSA's meetings and conferences shall be chosen by the Executive Council. There shall be at least one general meeting per year.

Article V: OFFICERS. The officers of the ECRSA shall be a President, Vice President/President elect, Secretary-Treasurer, and Moderator of Electronic Communications, elected by the members. Additional honorary officers may be elected by the membership.

Article VI: EXECUTIVE COUNCIL. The property of the ECRSA shall be managed and its business conducted by the Executive Council consisting of the four officers.

Par. I: ACTIVITIES OF THE COUNCIL. The Association's business shall be formally transacted by correspondence between the Executive Council and the members of the ECRSA. The e-mail Moderator shall be responsible for communications with the membership. All actions taken by the Executive Council shall be duly reported to the membership. A petition by at least ten members may challenge any decision of the Executive Council; such petition shall require the decision to be brought to a vote by the members.
Par. II: ANNUAL BUDGET. The Secretary-Treasurer shall be required to present an annual budget for the approval of the Executive Council.

Article VII: ELECTION OF OFFICERS. Members elect the officers from among members who have contributed to eighteenth-century Russian studies through published research. According to the rules of AAASS, all officers must be current members of AAASS. The officers shall be elected for a term of two years. Successive two-year terms may be provided. The election shall be held at the annual business meeting, by mail ballot, or by electronic ballot.

Article VIII: PUBLICATIONS. In addition to the electronic newsletter/bulletin board, there may be occasional published papers, volumes, and forums in scholarly journals.

Article IX: AMENDMENTS. Subject to subsequent ratification by two-thirds of those members voting in a ballot, the constitution can be amended by a two-thirds vote of the membership.

Article X: DISSOLUTION. In the event of dissociation of the ECRSA, any assets remaining after paying or making provision for the payment of all liabilities of the Association shall be disposed of exclusively for the purpose of the Association to such organization(s) organized and operated exclusively for scientific or educational purposes.